Project Homework is the annual study each student has to take from at least one subject and the result is an independent grade. This process must be agreed by both the teacher and the student. The project topics are assigned in the first week of November and a proposal is signed by the teacher and student. Submission and presentation take place in May. Project grades have an additional effect on the second term grades.

Each student has to then submit their work over three separate dates of the academic calendar to the Student Affairs Officer by the given dates. The work is then distributed to the teachers for marking. If a student doesn’t submit their work, the grade for that specific date is given as ‘0’. Since project studies need annual preparation, students have to submit the content of the project at the given date. No reminder messages will be sent to students and parents about the subject.

Processes and results of project studies are evaluated at a common time during the second semester by all subject departments. Students take the ‘Project Studies Tracking Form’, shared with parents and students, to the subject teacher so that both parties sign the document to confirm completion of the project. The teacher awards a grade and is added to the e-school online grading system. The project study grade is marked out of 100.

Information about the grades is announced to parents in the school reports at the end of the 1st semester and end of year. The school does not send any messages to remind or inform parents or students about the project homework processes via telephone.