The security of our school is ensured by a security guard appointed by Bilkent University and serves at the entrance to the school grounds. The following rules should be strictly observed to ensure the safety of students:

  • All visitors have to leave an identity card and receive a visitor’s card in return upon entering the school grounds.
  • Visitors have to carry the visitor’s card visibly on their collar throughout the time they spend in the school.
  • If a parent has to take his / her child from the school before the designated time for any reason, first they must obtain an excuse note from the student affairs office. A copy of the note should be presented to the teacher in the classroom and the other copy should be presented to the security officer at the door before leaving the school.
  • When students leave school in the afternoon, they should be collected from the school gate for security reasons.
  • It is of utmost importance for the safety of our students to stick to the rules listed above.