School Fees

Determination of the fees

ARTICLE 53 – (1) Institutions determine the fees of students and course attendees in the accordance with the 12th article of the law; according to the educational opportunities, investments and services, and other management costs that are enabled to be developed.

ARTICLE 55 – (1) Fees of a student or course attendee; (2) schools may not renew the students’ registration that haven’t paid the fee of the new educational year on the first date of the working calendar.

ARTICLE 56 – (1) In case of the occurrence of one, or some of the reasons mentioned below, the student who leaves the school will be refunded the money that corresponds to the fees they paid for the days and hours attended, up to the date upon which they leave.

  1. a) Pre-school education institutions, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, private educational institutions and students study centres who determine the annual school fee will refund all but 10% of the school fee to the students who leave prior to the start of the educational year.
  2. b) Students who leave after the educational year starts will be refunded the 10% of the annual fee and the amount which is calculated according to days the student has studied at school thus far.