School Board

Members of Bilkent University, the administrators of the schools, and parent representatives.

Within each school; primary, middle and high, there is a management committee made up of the principal, vice-principals, and heads of department of the school who meet regularly and takes decisions related to the general running of the school, academic matters, budget submissions, projects, calendar, and so on.

Some of these decisions such as the finalised budget submission or academic calendar are then sent to the Board for ratification. Some decisions may need to be then forwarded to the Ministry of Education if they go outside the general guidelines of the Ministry. For example, the schools generally start the academic year a week earlier than state schools, which requires special permission.

Bilkent University Personnel – Members of the Board of the Özel Bilkent Schools

Chair, Bilkent University Board of Trustees:  Prof. Dr. Ali Doğramcı
Rector, Bilkent University: Prof. Dr. Abdullah Atalar

Director / General Coordinator of Bilkent Schools: Assist. Prof. Dr. John O’Dwyer

Bilkent High School Personnel

Principal: Dr. Aykut İnan İşeri
Vice Principal: Rabia Yıldız

Bilkent Middle School Personnel

Principal: Oya Kerman
Vice Principal: Ali Toker

Bilkent Primary School Personnel

Principal: Nazan Akın
Vice Principal (Grades 1 – 4): Dr. Lynn Çetin
Vice Principal (Pre-K to Kindergarten): Nursel Uyar Dalkılıç