Parent – Teacher Association

The Parent – Teacher Association (PTA) aims to contribute views and opinions to the formation and institutionalisation of our school politic. The PTA Board meets in October every year. Four permanent and four substitute parents are chosen as the Parent-Teacher Association by the confidential vote of participants. The School Principal, Vice Principal and one teacher are also members of the Association.

The PTA collates their views and suggestions and presents them during a planned meeting with the school management. These views form the basis for the work and activities the PTA needs to conduct throughout the year. The suggestions are also submitted to the school management as a report. They help the school in many ways by providing resources, discussing issues related to education, organising meetings and seminars for parents, collecting money for social projects, and so on.

The PTA meets every fifteen days to discuss the wishes, criticisms, views and praises of the parents, and works towards ensuring that the School’s education and teaching activities are at an excellent and exemplary level which will satisfy both students and parents.

The PTA Board’s principle is to cooperate with school management, teachers, parents and the Student Council in a positive and productive manner. The PTA Board undertakes several activities to improve communication between the school and parents by:

  • Organising various weekend meeting times for parents to discuss difficulties encountered in child education.
  • Trying to reach parents with bulletins over the academic year.
  • Organising campaigns to help sibling schools.
  • Supporting the activities of the School Preservation Society.
  • Maintaining an electronic mailing list that parents can subscribe to by sending their email addresses with the subject ‘OBLVELI’. All parents can send emails to this list. The efficacy of this mailing list depends on the participation of parents.
  • Organising various activities aimed at students.
  • Organising panel discussions for students and parents, comprised of experts. We believe these panels and discussions are very helpful and we hope all parents attend.

Student Council

The Student Council is formed through an election process, and comprises representatives from each grade. Students work collaboratively with the school management, administration, teachers and Parent – Teacher Association and experience a trial of the adult’s right to vote for the first time at our school, and at the same time develop school spirit.