Özel Bilkent High School has a well-equipped and often-used library. The Librarian is responsible for searching for educational resources, registering new books and materials, and signing books in and out. Before the new budget year starts, the librarian searches for the sources of needed materials in conjunction with teachers, then make lists of required books, and arrange for any orders of the needed resources from this list. All resources that come to Bilkent High School goes to Bilkent University’s Library and are registered as part of their stocks and on-line catalogue.

The School libraries have a close relationship with the university and several times a year a joint library committee, which includes representatives of all Bilkent libraries, come together to make decisions and then applies them. Our expert librarians are equipped to: develop students’ knowledge; teach them research methods and how to use search engines effectively; guide them in project work; and help them in their search for sources and information.

As in every library there are rules that both students and teachers have to obey. Teachers can borrow books for one month while students can only borrow for 15 days, except for reference books. Responsibility for books borrowed belongs to the person who borrowed them. Any damage has to be paid for by the borrower. When someone wishes to make a personal search, they should check that the library is free beforehand and then make an appointment so that the necessary preparation can be done. Further books will not be lent to teachers who have overrun the lending period on a book. A teacher who is having a lesson in the library is responsible for the tidiness of the library during the lesson and for leaving the library tidy. Students who want to make an internet search and print in the library are asked to bring their own paper. It is not allowed to take magazines and newspapers outside the library as they are for common use.