At Bilkent High School, our aim is to enable students to be highly responsible and to fulfill the duties and responsibilities they have taken in terms of their own social and academic development. Each piece of homework; daily, weekly or semester homework, determined by each department is checked strictly and evaluated according to the sequence explained below. Our aim about this topic is students’ preference to do homework daily, not being subjected to enforcement.

As required in the school discipline procedures, students are expected to be sent to ‘School Discipline Committee’ when they receive two misbehavior contracts by two different subject teaches, and then a third misbehavior contract for another reason from any subject teacher.

  • The first Phase: When a student doesn’t do their homework once, their grade is decreased at an extent that each subject department has decided.
  • The Second Phase: When the student doesn’t do their homework a second time, they’re expected to stay at school and complete the missing homework until 17:30 on a day that the teacher has agreed. The teacher informs the school administration of the students staying after school so the students are monitored. The school administration informs the parent. After this period, the student has to make their way home by their own means, usually by parents collecting them.
  • The Third Phase: When the student doesn’t stay after school or doesn’t complete their homework as told, they receive a misbehavior contract. The student and relevant subject teacher signs the contract and the parent is informed by the administration and asked to come in to school to also sign. This ensures that both the student and parent understand the seriousness of the situation.

Upon multiple visits to the disciplinary committee, a student may be reprimanded by being expelled for a day, or number of days, from the school. This does not occur very often, if at all, and is only in severe cases.