Entry to Grade 10 IB Diploma Foundation Class (2019 – 20)

Currently entrance to the IB foundation programme is decided on:

  • A level of English deemed enough based on performance in an English test administered by the Foreign Languages Department in the second semester of Grade 9; Students may also present results in external exams as language exams, as outlined below.
  • Teachers providing a recommendation as to preparedness for IB study is based on their assessment of a student:
    • Contributing positively to the learning atmosphere in the High School,
    • Completing required work and assessment by given deadlines,
    • Exhibiting the IB Learner Profile;
  • No failing grades in Grade 10;
  • Acceptable attendance record;
  • Acceptable disciplinary record;
  • Completion of all summer homework given in mandatory IB subjects;
  • Attendance at an IBDP induction process prior to the summer recess at the end of Grade 9;
  • Met registration requirements and payment of fees.

Entry to Grade 11 IB Diploma Programme (2019 – 21)

  • No failing grades in Grade 10;
  • Pass an internationally recognised English exam accepted by the school board as follows:
    • 550 points for English B: Language Acquisition, or 600 for English A: Language and Literature on the TOEFL ITP English examination at the end of Grade 10 (May/June – dates are announced well in advance);
    • Students who fail to achieve the required scores in the ITP exam may submit a score from an external exam, as follows, by July 31st prior to 11th Grade entry.
      • 75 in the TOEFL iBT exam, with a minimum of 17 in each paper;
      • An average of 6.5 in the IELTS examination, with a minimum of 6.0 on each section;
      • A ‘B’ Grade in the Cambridge English First Certificate Examination (FCE);
      • Pass in the Cambridge Proficiency in English (CPE).
    • Students who have already achieved a score which meets the above standards in one of the accepted external exams is not required to take the ITP. The external exam is accepted in its stead.
  • A recommendation from teachers as to preparedness to meet the Diploma requirements based on pre-specified criteria;
  • An acceptable attendance record;
  • An acceptable disciplinary record;
  • Recommendation from the school counsellors based on an interview;
  • A go-ahead from the IB DP Coordinator based on a personal interview;
  • A signed contractual agreement by student and parent that they have read and accepted the conditions related to registration to the Diploma Programme;
  • Met registration requirements and payment of fees.