Bilkent High School employs a professional counselor and has implemented a school counseling program that promotes and enhances student achievement and meets the needs of students in three basic domains:

  • Personal / Social Development;
  • Academic development;
  • Career Development

The main goal of the school counselor is to ensure sustainability of students developmental and preventive mental health measures in school so that our learners can have various opportunities to transfer the following ideals to their lives:

  • To grow mentally, physically and emotionally within a positive educational environment;
  • To take responsibility of personal growth and be effective communicators within the school community;
  • To set personal goals and achievable targets underpinned by a hard-working ethic;
  • To develop critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Our Core Principles within the school are:

  • Respect;
  • A focus on uniqueness;
  • Support life-long learning.

Bilkent High Schools’ Policy Against Bullying

Zero Tolerance to Abuse and Violence

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1).

Universal values guide us to achieve our schools’ mission and vision. The school policy against bullying has been developed and applied, starting from the belief that feeling safe at school is a component of basic human rights.

All students have the right to find themselves in a safe atmosphere without being exposed to any kind of violence. Our school policy against bullying adopts a ‘Zero Tolerance to Abuse and Violence’ principle that is upheld by all school members. The development of respect and responsibility, as well as protection under basic rights of freedom, brings about a totalitarian understanding of unity within the school.

The characteristics of bullying that differentiate it from rudeness or bad behaviour are that:

  • It includes offensive behaviour, abusive or physical, that aims to hurt;
  • The balance between the bully and the victim are not equal;
  • It is continuous, no matter the duration of time.


Some of the basic principles in our efforts towards preventing bullying include:

  • positive role modelling by our administrators, teachers and parents;
  • creating a positive school atmosphere that encourages learning;
  • behaving clearly and consistently with regard to unacceptable behaviour.

Another important principle is applying our enforcements consistently when the rules are ignored. Informing teachers and parents is a topic we pay attention to since every member of the school community should understand and respect these principles. In certain studies it is stated that, not bullying but a declaration of exposure to bullying decreases with age (Çankaya Counselling and Research Centre). Therefore, Bilkent High School encourages raising students’ awareness about the topic in order to prevent bullying.

Our studies toward preventing bullying start during orientation in Grade 9, and continue until the end of Grade 12.

The main topics we focus on are:

  1. differentiating rudeness and bullying;
  2. skills to solve conflicts;
  3. rights and responsibilities;
  4. coping with peer pressure;
  5. developing an understanding of empathy;
  6. being able to say no;
  7. respect toward differences.

While studies about the topic are presented during the counselling hours as well as individual and group sessions, guidance on how to learn appropriate skills to deal with bullying are also carried out. The most important step that will complete all these efforts is the information given to the school administration, teachers and parents from students who are exposed to, or who witness, bullying.