Bilintur Catering Centre operates on its 3,000 square metre central production facilities on east campus under the supervision of food engineers, dieticians and hygiene personnel. Producing meals under modern and hygienic conditions with its expert staff in conformity with the European Union Standards, Bilintur Catering Centre has the capacity to prepare 40,000 dishes daily.

In our schools lunchrooms, school staff and students have lunch together. The school provides lunch for all staff members, is prepared by BİLİNTUR A.Ş and served in the school refectory. High School students may choose to have lunch provided for them, bring their own or pay independently for food at the school’s cafe. The school refectory offers a selection of hot and cold dishes, together with a fresh salad bar, on a daily basis. The monthly menu is published on the 1st of each month for review by all clientele.

Dieticians help in the preparation of the menu which generally consists of soup, vegetables, meat, rice or pasta, salad or yogurt, and fruit or other desert. Drinking water is also supplied in the canteen. The personnel who serve lunch are required to undergo monthly health checks and they attend seminars on service techniques and health standards once a year.