The “Oscar Literature Award Ceremony” which was held by 11 IB graders, took place on 28th May 2019 in a magnificent way. We celebrated the 5th anniversary of our Oscar Literature Award Ceremony and the 25th anniversary of Bilkent Schools at the same time with joy and pride.
Oscar Literature Awards were given in 13 categories. For the awards, 14 famous works of literary history were nominated. Six of our nominated works were read and discussed in 11 IB Turkish Language and Literature classes. The Oscar Awards were selected by 11 IB class students through an elaborate selection process among these fourteen works. In addition, “The Most Charitable” award was given to his students in the name of the founder of Bilkent Schools, Prof. İhsan Doğramacı with videos and words prepared by our students. This year there was a significant change in our ceremony. There were presentations in English, works, nominees and award winners. “The Best Design” award was given to our student Damla Ürün for the clothes she designed and seamed herself for the novel characters.
This ceremony will help students to carry out the books they studied, to increase their literary tastes and to develop critical perspectives; while it is organized for our students particularly 9th graders to be a guide in terms of reading books and for their native speaking IB classes. The combination of cinema, literature, music and dance captivated the audience. We would like to thank the 11 IB class students who contributed to the ceremony, Didem Barut the Turkish Language and Literature Teacher and the creator and coordinator of the ceremony, Aslı Aydın the Turkish Language and Literature Teacher, and our English teachers Ali Morkoyun and Jo Balcı.

Comments of our Students After the Ceremony:
IRMAK BAYIR: The Oscar Literature Award ceremony was an indescribable experience for us. Both the team spirit that we gained during the preparation period and the enthusiasm brought by the result of our efforts after the show were unique to all of us. This ceremony made us realize that our actions and responsibilities affected not only us, but all our friends as well as acting, working together and managing time as it should. Apart from our friends, we were very glad that the efforts of our teachers and the time they spent resulted in such a beautiful show.

EYLÜL ÖZALTIN: The Oscar Literature Award ceremony, one of the most meaningful memories I will remember about high school, was a show that I was very tired of but I had so much fun and was proud to do.

DEFNE ALAR: The Oscar Literature Award ceremony was an opportunity for everyone involved to demonstrate their talents. From videos to dances, we all contributed to the ceremony in a way that we developed new skills. I think it is even more enjoyable especially for those who are interested in performing arts like me. There was as much effort in preparing categories, videos and writing the scripts as there was in putting out the show. I think this ceremony has improved the creative side of all of us.
DAMLA ÜRÜN: Oscar was a very different experience for me. Both the content of the ceremony and being part of it were fun. I think it was a good opportunity for everyone to discover and develop their talents.