Social Responsibility Projects (TDP) is running a project for high school students: The Youth Vision Project (GBP / Genç Bakış Projesi) Unlike other social responsibility projects held under TDP, volunteers of GBP is also target audience of the project. GBP aims to instill the behavior of being a socially responsible citizen in youth through experiences in ones life. High school students attending to GBP are experiencing volunteerism in a number of different projects of TDP.

This academic year GBP is working with Bilkent and Ayrancı High Schools and students from different grades are interested in this project of TDP. Also students from Bilkent University are already joined this project; they’re guiding and participating in the activities of the project.

Last week, GBP and its volunteers visited The Streetlight Project (SLP) and joined their activity. The purpose of the Streetlight Project is to show another world to the financially and socially disadvantaged children to prevent them to contribute to child labour. They played bowling and afterwards ate pizza as well as having a great time with the children involved into the SLP. On the GBP side of the activity, volunteers found an opportunity to meet children who are possible to work on streets, they had a journey to their inner world and saw the similarities between those children and themselves.

As well as visiting the other projects, volunteers of GBP work on their own teams in Bilkent University to plan and initiate their activities and other activities commonly organized by other TDP projects such as Social Responsibility Summit 2017. They contribute to the content, order, organization and timing of the activities and make the activities attractive to the target audiences. In 2016, they made a number of snow globes to be given as gifts to children involved into other projects.

If you’d like to collaborate with youth and experience different kinds of projects, you are welcomed to join The Youth Vision Project (GBP) at TDP.